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The Basic ISBN Service is by far our best seller and provides independent authors and publishers with a quick, dependable, and cost-effective ISBN solution.

In addition to print and eBook projects, DVDs, CDs, booklets, and many other types of media can also use the ISBNs provided by this service.

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What is an ISBN Service?

A 13-digit code called the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is used to identify books and items that resemble books that are published abroad.

The monographic publishing, which can be printed, aural, or electronic, is what the ISBN is designed for. Music, performances, or visual media like art prints or photography never receive ISBNs. Magazines, academic journals, and other periodicals do not receive ISBNs. On the other hand, a single issue of a magazine may be given an ISBN if it is being sold as a book.

Publishers and self-publishers are required to provide all information about titles to which they have allocated ISBNs in order to participate in the ISBN standard.

Types of Copyrights Services

  • Public Performing Right
  • Public Performance License
  • Reproduction Right
  • Mechanical Licenses
  • Synchronization License

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Get Introduced to Our Experts and Avail Some Professional Copyright & ISBN Services

Bring your book some justice with our copyright & ISBN services and ensure yourself that your book is in good hands.

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Fill out a short, straightforward form to reserve your position, making sure to include all pertinent copyright & ISBN-related information. An immediate greeting will come from one of our project managers. Your order will be confirmed by the manager after they have all the required data.


ISBN Can Only Be Used Once

The ISBN is a specific book identification number that can be given to a book only once. In the future, it cannot be used with any other book, not even a second edition of the same book.


No individual ISBN To Be Sold Every Country

Despite being assigned locally, ISBNs are global. An American publisher can buy their ISBN from us and use it to stock their book anywhere in the world.


You Need an ISBN For Every Specific Format

Do you want to sell your book in print, eBook, and audiobook formats? That's excellent, but you require a unique ISBN for each one. You'll also need a new ISBN if you wish to publish a revised and updated version.

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Get Introduced to Our Experts and Avail Some Professional Copyright & ISBN Services

Bring your book some justice with our copyright & ISBN services and ensure yourself that your book is in good hands.

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